Creating the ascii art using VIM plugin DrawIT

Installing VIM plugin DrawIT

Install the plugin if it is no available in your machine

This script/plugin is distributed as a vimball

This call be downloaded here

To download source go to /usr/local/src Create a directory VIM. go to the directory /usr/local/src/VIM (NOTE: it isn't manadetory to keep source in this location, it's upto you)

Dowload the source with following command

wget -O DrawIt.vba.gz

To install follow the instructions

Open file vim DrawIT.vba.gz In command mode enter :so % quit :q

Quick start with DrawIt

That's all you have to do to install a plug in. Now to test, open a new file

and type the following in command mode


If you see [DrawIt], the plugin is enabled an you can draw you art.

Here is how you will start and stop DrawIt

\di start DrawIt \ds stop DrawIt

User your arrow keys to draw whatever you want

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